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Through a unique blend of development, leadership, and facilitation, we help you reach the next level with an approach that’s different // mindful // fun // creative.

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What We’re Doing

We’re excited about melding our love for the earth with our passion for helping people connect at the Central Iowa Yoga Retreat. Join us for a day to ground, grow and bloom!

Leading the way for you to build your yoga practice and bring your mindfulness to a new level on Earth Day, April 22 at Raccoon River Nature Lodge.

In March, Sara finished a six-month project for Waukee Schools’ Farm to School Program. She developed science curriculum that connects hands-on gardening activities with science subject that teachers are required to address in their classrooms.

Are your kids learning the level best that schools have to offer?

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Individuals gathered in a circle discussing their experience during the poverty simulation

The Poverty Simulations we Facilitate are making a big impact on the leadership groups of the Ames and West Des Moines Chambers of Commerce. Contact Shelly for more info on how to build empathy on your team.

We’re helping organizations build their teams around issues of social justice.

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  • Awareness, Understanding, Perspective, Change
    Let’s start with a pop-quiz:  (answers below) This is part of the ice breaker we use before we begin facilitating The Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS). If you’ve never participated in a poverty simulation, it is an interactive experience in which folks try to survive the day-to-day realities of living with a low income. The goal …
  • Growing Food in Science Class
    Each spring I enjoy starting vegetable plants indoors. My grow lights are set up on shelves next to my desk shining on peppers, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, and herbs this year. I cheer for the little sprouts as they slowly emerge from the soil. Kids can grow food in their classrooms, too. In fact, it directly …
  • Central Iowa Yoga Retreat
    The Central Iowa Yoga Retreat is a day for yoga. It’s a day to ground in community, to grow your knowledge, and to let curiosity bloom.