Sara Lockie

Educator & Info Manager at Next Step Adventure

Raised as an Iowa farm girl, Sara has a deep appreciation and respect for Iowa. Her favorite things include gardening, baking, reading, hot tea, Legos, and everyday adventures with her husband and children.

Sara Lockie sciencing upside down
An innovative approach to science education

A good day for Sara is one when she learns something new. Her passion for education includes people of all ages, and she is innovative in her approach to involving learners in their progress.

Sara brings a strong background in science and teaching to the Next Step team. She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Iowa with an Elementary and Middle Level Education Dual Major, and endorsements in science, literacy, and social studies.

Sara Lockie at Alpha Mission Training
Alpha Mission Training

She earned her Masters of Science in Education from Drake University with an Effective Teaching Major and a concentration in K-12 Talented and Gifted Education. When she taught in her own classroom, Sara sought out engaging, hands-on activities to spark students’ natural curiosity and sense of wonder.

Today, she develops and shares these resources with educators.

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