Mindfulness & Movement Card Bundle


Save $$ when you buy both sets together.

The Bundle gets you more than 45 activities to pull out at a moment’s notice, when you need to retool your classroom. Activity cards increase student attention and well-being. Activities range from 5-30 minutes, and take few, if any materials. Use them to make a positive impact on the climate in your classroom, school or after school program.

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Save when you buy two sets of Mindfulness & Movement Cards at once!

Reboot your classroom climate with Breathe and Focus cards. Help redirect kids with Connect and Focus cards. Reward students for working hard with Create and Play activities. The Mindfulness & Movement Activity Card Bundle includes one set each of The Foundation Deck (on backorder), and The Growth Deck!

Each activity card includes step-by-step instructions, items needed, length, and processing questions. Activities take from 5-30 minutes, and most need materials you already have handy. Or NONE at ALL. The cards will help you help students pay attention, and feel safer in your classroom or afterschool program.

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