Mindfulness & Movement Card Bundle


Save $$ when you buy both sets together.

Use these 50 activity cards to increase student attention and well-being. Use them to make a positive impact on the climate in your classroom, school or after school program.

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Save when you buy two sets of Mindfulness & Movement Cards at once!

Counter 21st Century distractions and make a difference with the Mindfulness & Movement Activity Card Bundle. It includes one set each of The Foundation Deck (on backorder), and The Growth Deck!

Developed by teachers, for teachers, these 50 activity cards will help you and your students Settle, Connect, Breathe, Focus, Create, Play, and Move. These TWO creative classroom resources combat the ill effects of our fast-paced and challenging culture. Activities are designed to help you increase student attention and well-being in your classroom or after school program.

The step-by-step instructions, suggested time frame (5-30 minutes), and materials list make it easy to lead students through the 50 exercises. Each card’s “Bright Spots” offers tips for reflection.

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