Central Iowa Yoga Retreat

The Central Iowa Yoga Retreat is just under a month away! You may have seen the flyers around the area, the social media posts, and heard the buzz- the retreat is almost here! The instructors are planning; the schedule is set. We’re thrilled to spend the day with you, with yoga, and with Mother Earth. Our Retreat on April 22nd (Earth Day) will take place at the Racoon River Nature Lodge.

If you’re looking for a retreat that will be promoting one style of yoga as “best”- you won’t find it at this retreat. If you’re looking to compete with other yogis- look elsewhere. Our retreat is not about finding good and bad, better and worse, but instead about truly being a student of the practice.

As a student of the practice myself. I hope this retreat is teeming with curiosity, with genuine interest, and with respect for the practice. If you’re hoping to widen your knowledge of the diverse styles of yoga and teachers in the Des Moines Community, you’re in luck.

The retreat is a true reflection of our local studios. It’s a chance to support local instructors. It’s a celebration of our connectedness to nature. Next Step Adventure is donating 10% of the registrations to Global Greens, an organization that nurtures the earth AND new Iowans. We will connect with good food, because Garbanzo is catering lunch. We know it will be delicious!

The Central Iowa Yoga Retreat is a celebration of our bodies. It’s a celebration of our strength. It’s a reminder that to care for ourselves we must care for our Earth too. The Central Iowa Yoga Retreat is a day for yoga. It’s a day to ground in community, to grow your knowledge, and to let curiosity bloom.

We can’t wait to see you on your mat. Register Here

Central Iowa Yoga Retreat Flyer

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