Mindfulness & Movement Cards–The Growth Deck


What you need to lead your group through 24 activities to Settle, Create and Play, connected with a ring you can hang in a handy place. Includes an estimated timeframe as well as “Bright Spots” for reflection following each activity. FREE SHIPPING!



Settle, Create and Play to make a difference!

Designed by teachers, for teachers, this unique classroom resource helps students calm themselves and tap into inner resources of playfulness and creativity.  This beautiful set of 24 impactful activities will help you, your kids, friends and students Settle, Create and Play. Everything you need to plan, facilitate and process the activities is included in these 26 colorful laminated cards connected with a ring you can hang in a handy place.

Instructions on each card make it easy to lead your group through each exercise, and an estimated timeframe is provided for each activity. “Bright Spots” offer tips for reflection following each activity.

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