We take giant steps for people and organizations.

Does your next step include Adventure? Change is inevitable; our team helps you transform and make your journey great!

Through fun, creativity and a mindful approach, we strive to make the world a better place. Our mission is to help people and organizations connect more deeply with themselves, their dreams and nature.

Meet the fun people at Next Step.

Martha McCormick, Next Step Adventure

Martha McCormick


…collaboration, challenge and creativity are key parts of Martha’s journey, and every next step is an adventure. Join her and the Next Step team to provide a framework for making the world a better place.  READ BIO ❯

Shelly Johnson


…has been described as Tinkerbell on crack. Like that little sprite she is strong and responsible, and will go to any length. Shelly motivates students of all ages with her energetic approach to solving problems and taking the next step forward.  READ BIO ❯

Sara Lockie


… is all about learning. Her passion for education includes people of all ages and abilities, and she is innovative in her approach to involving learners in their progress. Sara has faced life’s toughest challenges and emerged with strength and a positive attitude. She brings a strong background in science and teaching to the Next Step team.  READ BIO ❯

Ashley Kirvin, Next Step Adventure

Ashley Kirvin


specializes in turning frowns upside down. The newest Next Step team member brings training and experience in everything from adventure to yoga. Her enthusiasm for creating mindful experiences and resources imbues her work, and the Next Step Adventure team.  READ BIO ❯

Some of our clients, and the projects that are taking them to the next step

Iowa High School Athletic Association

Team building, goal setting, and communication skills are just three things Next Step brings to the educational and student services offered by IHSAA.

Iowa Department of Education

From safe schools to service learning and team building, Next Step has served as a resource for the DOE since 2008.

West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

Through the Leadership Academy, Next Step helps the Chamber give decision makers and service providers a chance to walk a mile in the shoes of those living in poverty.