We take giant steps for people and organizations.

Next Step Adventure brings creativity and fun to your work. Let our team help you envision your goals as you take the next step on your journey to success.

Through a mindful approach to building teams, life coaching and education, we strive to make the world a better place.

Our mission is to help people and organizations develop team-oriented cultures, define benchmarks of progress and plan for the future.

Meet the fun people at Next Step.



…collaboration, challenge and creativity are key parts of Martha’s journey, and every next step is an adventure. Join her and the Next Step team to provide a framework for making the world a better place.  READ BIO ❯



…has been described as Tinkerbell on crack. Like that little sprite she is strong and responsible, and will go to any length. Shelly motivates students of all ages with her energetic approach to solving problems and taking the next step forward.  READ BIO ❯



…expands Next Step’s expertise in creating highly effective teams through outcome-based planning and evaluation, effective communication and collaboration to meet the unique needs of organizations.  READ BIO ❯



…expresses her creativity most dynamically through her connection with Mother Earth. She is a well-known figure in Des Moines’ sustainability movement. Whether you’re talking about urban gardening, permaculture or conservation Kyla’s name is sure to come up.  READ BIO ❯



… is all about learning. Her passion for education includes people of all ages and abilities, and she is innovative in her approach to involving learners in their progress. Sara has faced life’s toughest challenges and emerged with strength and a positive attitude. She brings a strong background in science and teaching to the Next Step team.  READ BIO ❯



… connects with people. She is passionate about outdoor education and environmental science; she inspires teachers to get kids outdoors. Rachel helps people feel comfortable with new materials and experiences.  READ BIO ❯



…combines head and heart to design and deliver justice-fused projects, programs, and experiences that strengthen individuals, families, organizations and communities.  READ BIO ❯



…works magic with kids of all ages. Second grade teacher by school year, camp counselor in summer, Jason personifies fun, creativity and adventure everywhere he goes.  READ BIO ❯

Here are some of our clients and how we’re helping them take the next step.

Keep Iowa Beautiful

We created Teachers Going Green, an online program to help teachers get kids outdoors! Now we coach them to make the most of hands-on teaching of NGSS and the Core.

Children and Family Urban Movement

Times of transition are challenging for programs serving vulnerable families. The caring professionals at Next Step coach and support leadership through tough times.

Mid-Iowa Health Foundation

Planning and reflection are ongoing at this local foundation. Next Step helps turn the wheel for a healthier community through assessment and facilitation.

Adams Academy and Student Life

How much fun can you have with students and staff to enhance creativity and leadership? Team building, Real Colors and Mousetraps, oh my!

Iowa Department of Education

From safe schools to service learning and team building, Next Step has served as a resource for the DOE since 2008.

Iowa High School Athletic Association

Team building, goal setting, and communication skills are just three things Next Step brings to the educational and student services offered by IHSAA.

Volunteer Center of Story County

Next Step helps educate volunteers and instill the values of generosity and leadership in the next generation.

West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce

Through the Leadership Academy, Next Step helps the Chamber give decision makers and service providers a chance to walk a mile in the shoes of those living in poverty.

Explore some Next Step projects.

Central Iowa Yoga Retreat

Step into a fun and lively community through a day of yoga. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned teacher, we have something to enhance your practice.

Teachers Going Green

Teachers-Going-Green.com develops future conservationists. Kids and teachers care for the earth while learning reading, writing and math.