Central Iowa Yoga Retreat 2019

Central Iowa Yoga Retreat

The schedule is always changing, just like the earth. Check back for updates!

Join us for the 11th Annual Central Iowa Yoga Retreat!

Staying true to our roots of growing community, these sessions will help you ground your body on the earth. Our schedule was designed to help you plant seeds of possibility to grow and bloom in new directions. We’ll recommit to taking care of ourselves as integral members of Mother Earth.

This schedule will continue to evolve, just as the earth does!
8:30 amMorning & Full Retreat Registration
9:00 amWelcome & introductions
9:10 amMorning Program: Move, meditate, and mingle.
12:00 amLunch
12:00 amAfternoon Registration
1:00 pmYoga Nidra (Room A) | Kundalini (Room B) | Spring Energy Tune up (Room C)
2:15 pmChakra Vinyasa (Room A) | Acro Yoga (Room B) | Yoga and Astrology (Room C)
3:30 pmYin (Room A) | Restore (Room B) | Yoga Philosophy (Room C)
4:30 pmClosing

Get to know the sessions and instructors!

Each session and the teachers who lead them will offer a unique perspective, experience and flavor. Some favorites return from the past, and fresh faces are here to inspire you. It’s a stellar lineup that will help you bloom!

Morning Program

Ben will launch the day with a stunning community practice. Next up is Pam who will encourage us to pay attention to our bodies. Then, time to reflect, and set intentions, and focus on breath in a sound bath with Hannah. 

Meet Ben Spellman

Yummy Yoga

Ben Spellman, yoga instructor

With an infectious enthusiasm for life, it’s easy to understand how Ben Spellman became known as Good Vibes. Always an athlete, Ben first explored yoga at the University of Northern Iowa. While enduring tests and challenges, he turned to yoga again when he was provided a list of 90 yoga poses. To reflect and move forward, Ben used that list to learn, and to become a passionate practitioner. His everyday commitment to learning and exploration of all styles and practices molds his teaching.

After working at many yoga studios in Iowa and beyond, he founded Good Vibes Yoga as an all-inclusive community emanating good energy and soulful experiences. Here, you are part of a movement to connect, feel, breathe, love, unite.

He believes in, and delivers yoga for everybody to experience – to get that vibe. He reinvests class donations to grow the community and keep the movement moving. Whether you donate a dime or just commit your time, come be present with us! If you’re ready to experience the power of yoga


More about Ben Spellman ❯

Soma Yoga with Pam Steinick

Steady, stable, easy…… the first Sutra of yoga (sirum sukum asana).  Do the yoga postures feel like this to you, even Mountain pose (standing)?  If not, what can you do about it?  Somatics and SomaYoga teaches us how to “unwind” tension patterns in the body, so that when you’re at rest, you actually feel at rest!  And when you stand, or come to Mountain pose, you feel steady and easy, without tension, more balanced.  Mountain is the basis for all standing poses, just like Savanasa is where we should feel fully at rest.  Learn tools to find a better resting place in Savasana, and a more balanced Mountain pose with us!  

Pam Steinick
Pam Steinick Cental Iowa Yoga Retreat Instructor

Pam found yoga when she thought the next step for her neck pain was to have surgery. The blend of Somatics and the tools of yoga not only prevented Pam from having surgery, but have given her practices that have kept her out of pain everywhere in her body! Somatics is neuromuscular retraining targeted at the muscles in the core that help unwind persistent tension patterns.  Pam’s passion is to spread SomaYoga far and wide through private sessions, small group classes held inside Core PT, and being part of the Yoga North International SomaYoga faculty, holding 200 and 500 hour trainings here in Des Moines!

Atha Soma Yoga

Sound Bath with RESONATE

Relax the body, calm the mind and clear your subconscious with the vibrational healing of a Sound Bath. Sound baths are guided meditations using instruments tuned to 432 hz. This frequency relaxes the body, calms the mind, clears the subconscious and activates the body’s natural healing systems.

Sound Healing with Hannah Rush
Hannah Rush with Sound Bowls
Hannah Rush with Sound Bowls

Hannah Rush is a Sound Healer and Yoga Instructor. She studied sound alchemy under Ana Netanel learning ancient gong practices and crystal singing bowl techniques.

Hannah is a 200hr KRI Kundalini Yoga practitioner as well as a 200hr RYT Yoga instructor. She trained under Guru Jagat, Tej, Harijawan, Gurujas and Hannah Muse. Since then, Hannah has showcased her practice at festivals, private retreats and events, and been a personal instructor to celebrities. RESONATE was created in 2018 with the intention to spread the healing practices of our teachers through vibration, mantra and movement.


Trust Circle at the Central Iowa Yoga Retreat


Afternoon Sessions

Choose from three great offerings per time slot. No need to sign up ahead of time; go with the flow.

1:00 Sessions

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” is an experience that calls upon visualization and an exploration of dualities to reach a deep, calm state of meditation.

Ellen Butler

My first yoga experience was an Iyengar class during college. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that I connected with yoga in a way I hadn’t with other forms of movement. I went on to receive my 500-hr Yoga Alliance certification in 2012, and have since taught yoga at studios in Michigan and NYC, as well as one on one and with small groups. In 2023, I received my Prenatal Yoga certification from Yoga Alliance. 

In my classes, I aim to create a calm, secure space that allows you to explore your practice with curiosity and a sense of play. I focus on breath and slow movements with plenty of modifications. When I’m not teaching you’ll likely find me at home with my husband, young son, and our 2 dogs and 2 cats. Always up to talk about what you’re reading, which Taskmaster cast is the best, and destroying diet culture

❯ Rooted Yoga and Fitness

Kundalini Yoga

Energize, revitalize and upgrade your life with the technology and tools of Kundalini Yoga. 

Hannah Rush

Kundalini Yoga is the combination of movement, mantra, breath and meditation. Together, activating the energetic and subtle bodies to achieve physical and mental prosperity. RESONATE practices kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan and classes often include: lecture, physical yoga, breath work, and gong meditations.


Spring Energy Tune Up

Tap into the transformative power of the breath and its effects. Brette will guide you fluidly between breathing exercises and pausing in short periods of meditation/integration. Our focus is on clarity and insight. We will practice simple yet powerful techniques you can take with you. 

Brette Berlin Scott

Brette Berlin Scott has been a lover and teacher of yoga for more than 25 years. She owns and teaches at Shakti Yoga, the longest running studio in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Her teaching style is dynamic, authentic and non-dogmatic. Having studied with some of modern yoga’s best, she is well versed in alignment and sees her classes as a synthesis of doing and feeling. She embraces the idea that all kinds of bodies can do yoga and is gifted at meeting individual needs. Wether in the studio or on retreat, Brette’s aim is to impart knowledge, invite inquiry and inspire growth.

Brette loves travel, a good read and healthy, delicious food. If she did not discover yoga when she did, she thinks thinks surfing or cooking might have been her gig. She lives in Iowa with her husband, two teenagers and Yellow Lab, Toes. 

Shakti Yoga

yoga back support Martha McCormick

2:15 Sessions

Choose from three great offerings. No need to sign up ahead of time; go with the flow.

Chakra Vinyasa

Dive into the chakras from root to crown – join us for a beautiful Chakra Vinyasa Class suitable for all practitioners for a vibrant and joyful practice!

Lily Allen-Dueñas

Lily Allen-Dueñas is the founder of the Wild Yoga Tribe and host of the Wild Yoga Tribe podcast. She has taught yoga classes and wellness workshops all over the world. Her journey has led her to a life of flexibility, fluidity, and has fostered a vast reservoir of compassion, curiosity, and creativity. She teaches at Inner Space and Power Life in Des Moines, and teaches yoga often with nonprofit organizations such as Special Olympics, Easter Seals, and at the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus

Wild Yoga Tribe

Acro Yoga with Brent and Tiffany

Acroyoga is often called “trust yoga.” Expect big laughs and an invitation to support each other emotionally and physically! Join us in becoming an instant community. 

Brent Aronsen, yoga instructor

Brent’s life and practice are made up of dedicated training and playful curiosity. Learning new approaches and facing new challenges are apparent in all his endeavors. He teaches his students fly, but from a firm basis of the fundamentals. An avid practitioner of yoga since 2011, and acro yoga since 2014, Brent is excited to return to the Central Iowa Retreat, and not just for the tee shirt. And we’re so excited to have him!



Tiffany Thomas-Killam, yoga teacher at Central Iowa Yoga Retreat

Tiffany has taught at the Central Iowa Yoga Retreat since it came to live at Next Step Adventure in 2016. Even so, it’s hard to keep up with her endeavors and accomplishments. Along with her passion for teaching, practicing and playing at yoga, she is also a mental health counselor.

We’re so excited for her to share her excitement for life and community as she teams up with Brent for AcroYoga at the Retreat.  She approaches her practice and teaching as she approaches life–lively, hard working, and always kind to others. She uses all these wonderful qualities in nurturing three energetic boys. We’re happy she’s back at the Retreat!


More about Tiffany Thomas-Killam ❯

Yoga & Astrology with Betty

This session will start with meditation, and focus on the breath. Betty will talk about what the planets and their energy are currently doing, what they are asking us to do (or let go of). Then we’ll move mindfully, and work toward a peak pose or overall challenge. End with time to feel, breathe, and be ok or be ok with not being ok. 

Betty Garcia
Betty Garcia, Instructor at the Central Iowa Yoga Retreat

Betty started her yoga journey in 2015, and hasn’t stopped learning since! Her current certifications include E-RYT 200, RYT 500, sculpt, barre & cycle. Betty is working on her certification in Astrology. She is fortunate to be part of two yoga worlds, here at Kris’ Hot Yoga & at De Saucha Yoga in Mexico where she holds teacher training and retreats. She loves seeing students advance, not just in their practice but mentally as well – yoga transforms you! Yo soy #yogalatina


Central Iowa Yoga Retreat 2019

3:30 Sessions

Choose from three great offerings. No need to sign up ahead of time; go with the flow.

Yin with Allycia

Bring your blocks, pillows and blankets and come join Allycia for an out of mind and body yin experience! It will be the a great way to round out your retreat experience!

Schedule and Instructors

Hi! My name is Allycia and I began practicing yoga 15 years ago as a way to connect with my body, mind, and spirit. Over 5 years ago I completed my 200 hour yoga instructor training and have been teaching ever since! I love helping people connect with their mind, body, and spirit as well as deepening their own practices.  

Native Flute Restore with Eric Payne

This restorative yoga class will be a time for you to drift into deep relaxation. Featuring a mix of traditional and modern Native Flute songs played by Eric, let your mind and body be free. Feel free to bring any props or blankets you might need to be comfortable.

Eric Payne

I started my yoga practice in 2015, sometime after my college football career ended. I left it all out on the field without saving any for myself. 

My body was not happy about it. Yoga for me was a must, I knew that my stiffness was only getting worst, and I planned on living an active 

lifestyle as long as I could. As of today, I still consider this one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! In the fall of 2021, I went through teacher 

training to deepen my knowledge about this practice and how it can be used as a tool to heal the body and mind. I now strive to be a blessing to others like the teachers that helped me.

Black Vine Yoga

Yoga Philosophy with Mandi King

Join Mandi for Purusa + Prakrti: Claiming Your Personal Power, an opportunity to explore a fundamental principle of Yoga’s philosophy: developing the skill to differentiate one’s sense of self from external influences in order to act in a responsible manner.

Mandi King
Mandi King Headshot
Mandi King

Mandi King embraces life’s intricacies, navigating its complexities with a caring blend of empathy and humor. She lives and teaches both the philosophical and physical aspects of Yoga on land traditionally acknowledged as Yankton and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, which is now known as Spencer, IA. As a committed wife and mother of two sons, she finds joy in her family, including her boxer, Ursa. With a personal Yoga practice spanning two decades, Mandi began teaching eight years ago, always considering herself a student first and foremost. Mandi has a moxie for movement, but with a Master’s degree in English Literature, she discovered a profound interest in the ethical theory of Yoga philosophy found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Mandi holds a Level 1 – 100hr certification in Yoga Philosophy, complementing her 200hr E-RYT and YACEP credentials. Currently, she is actively pursuing a Level 2 certification.

One hour of continuing education with Yoga Alliance is available with this workshop.

Please bring a notebook, pen, and any other items you might require.

Learn more about Mandi


Please bring your own yoga mat, straps and blocks. We will not provide props this year.  

three yoga poses illustration forward bend, downward facing dog, child's pose

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