Central Iowa Yoga Retreat

Central Iowa Yoga Retreat APRIL 22, 2023

This year the Retreat lands on Earth Day. We want to find as many ways as we can to connect the schedule with our Mother Earth! We hope to find time for each of us to remember our roots, to grow, and recommit to taking care of our selves as members of the whole family of earth.

Please join us for the Eleventh Annual Central Iowa Yoga Retreat; take time to ground, grow and bloom on this special day. Connect with new yoga shapes, teachers and people. We’ll stay true to our roots of growing community.

Please bring your own yoga mat, straps and blocks. We will not be providing any props this year.  

Here’s the draft schedule; it will continue to evolve just as we do!

CIYR Schedule 4.4.2020

Morning Program

We're excited for Brent and Tiffany to launch the day with community building and a taste of AcroYoga. Then we'll move into a yummy yoga experience and a little time to reflect and set intentions for the day through art or writing. Throw in a little breath work; then we'll flow into lunch and the afternoon sessions. 


Yin Yoga synchronizes movement with breath to develop self-awareness, balance, and harmony. Lindsay will lead a restorative practice to help you renew your connection with thee earth. Please bring your own straps, blanket and blocks.  

Thai Yoga Massage

This ancient healing practice was born in Thailand and has flourished in North America. You'll have a "hands-on" experience with basic techniques of this therapeutic style of massage. Learn to combine soft tissue manipulation with yoga postures, breathing, and meditation to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.

Taste of Forest Bathing

Forest bathing boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure and stress hormones, prevents and relieves stress and anxiety, and increases cognitive functioning. Brandy will help you enter a state of embodied awareness, moving through a series of “invitations” to tune into each of your senses, move into a liminal space, and experience resulting wellness benefits. Brandy will lead Forest Bathing at 12:45, 2:15 and 3:45. Please bring clothes that will keep you comfy for this session.

Soma Yoga

Slow, thoughtful, gentle exercises will re-educate the nervous system and allow the release of habitually restricted muscles. This concept will blend with asana to increase mobility and stability for greater ease on and off your mat. Janet will weave in elements of yogic philosophy for a whole person exploration. Please bring 2 blocks, a strap and blanket to this practice.

Strength Yoga

Celebrate just how strong you are, and find areas you'd like to strengthen even more. Check out the strength required for arm balances and inversions from your core, shoulders and arms. Work on integrating the muscles in these areas. Ignite your core and practice using it to find stability in these challenging poses, and the foundation of them all--Tadasana--Mountain Pose. 


Find a chance to really soften into the end of the day with this relaxing session of deep poses supported on blankets and blocks. Poses are held for longer periods of time and gravity helps to renew body and mind. Although this class is slow, it is deep. You must bring two blocks and a blanket or two to enjoy this class.

Yoga Nidra

Just as seeds rest during the Iowa winter, Yoga Nidra practice allows the body to deeply relax into dynamic sleep, while the mind stays alert. Stephie will guide you to the threshold between alpha and theta waves—the knife's edge where the body “sleeps” while the mind is lucid. You must bring two blocks and a blanket or two to enjoy this class.

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