Next Step presents Mindfulness & Movement to counter the distractions of 21st Century life.


Developed by teachers, for teachers, use these creative resources to calm, connect & focus.

  • Activity Cards

    25 cards with directions for using Breath, Connection, Focus and Movement activities

  • Activity Cards--Growth Deck

    A ring of 26 colorful laminated cards organized by categories of Settle, Create and Play.

  • M & M Classes

    Trained yoga teachers provide fun, mind-body connection, during or after school– $50 per visit

  • Professional Development

    Improve your school climate with mindfulness and movement–$300 for a 90-minute training

  • Coaching

    Continue the learning with one-on-one or small group sessions–call for pricing

  • Quarterly Newsletters

    Tips and tricks to increase focus and connect through movement and breath–FREE!

For pricing and availability, email Shelly or call her at 515-729-2417.

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