Settle, Create & Play. Then Grow

Americans, including Europeans, fled violence, plague and starvation. They were willing to leave the only world they knew and make the arduous journey to a place they could barely imagine. Think about moving to Mars!

Spring favorites

Woodlands offer something new every season, but spring is my favorite. I feel like a kid doing a scavenger hunt as I try to spot the spring ephemeral wildflowers.

Take the Learning Outdoors

When things feel turned around and upside down, turn to nature for solace and safety. Breathe the fresh air and find joy among the trees and rocks.

Get Kids Moving

The outdoors is the best place to be as we fight Covid-19 and experience the beauty of fall. Don’t miss the opportunity on warm days for water play, bike rides, creek walking and neighborhood mapping. Go ahead and get lost!

A Fresh Perspective

New resources for exploring fruits and veggies, along with some nuggets for appreciating the farmers, truckers, grocery clerks, parents, and all the others who bring them to our table.

Be a Soil Detective

Discover the amazing critters in your own backyard! And the ways they create healthy soils to grow vegetables, flowers and people!

Thank You, Turkey Vultures

Turkey vultures are nature’s cleanup crew; we have cleanup crews that pick up our garbage, recycling and yard waste. Here are a couple lessons to take on your next trip to the woods!


Stretch your parenting skills for your stay-at-home kiddos with the Next Step kids’ Garden Curriculum! Easy-to-use activities, experiments, and gardening tips for first-time AND experienced gardeners as well.

Covid-19 Challenge

Even days you don’t feel like going out…do it anyway! We have some resources for planning outings–Iowa’s #99Parks Funpack and The Family Adventure Bundle