Spring favorites

After a long winter at home, spring never felt so good. Here are a few of my spring favorites:

Spring wildflowers

Walk in the Woods

Woodlands offer something new every season, but spring is my favorite. I feel like a kid doing a scavenger hunt as I try to spot the spring ephemeral wildflowers. As a side note: the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation has a nice spring wildflower bingo card + coloring pages.

Exploring Iowa’s ParksSpring sky

I continue to be amazed at the beautiful county and state parks in Iowa. This week my family visited Fontana Park in Buchanan County. While enjoying the lovely trails and watching the 5-day-old bison calf,  I spotted the 99Parks selfie stand!

FootbridgeOutdoor learning with Kids 

The outdoors make a great classroom extension. With our Home Learning Resources and Garden Curriculum, I feel prepared to take my class outdoors.



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