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What do the Northern Lights, mountain landscapes, STEM, and chalk art all have in common? They all showed up at our activity at the Walnut Hills STEAM Festival in Waukee last week! Not just Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but we celebrated Art, too, at this festival. We took over the art room and had full tables of artists of all ages creating landscapes throughout the evening.

The technique for Chalk Mountains is a simple but unique way to create a design, and experiment with color blending. This art project offers opportunities for focus and flow, especially when you make multiple stabs at it.

The part I liked best was watching the kids’ faces light up as they removed their chalked page to reveal their first horizon line–priceless! A lot of the kids saw mountains in their art, and several even saw the northern lights as they revealed their work.

Chalk Mountains was a hit! What a great STEAM activity for any school or out-of-school classroom. It’s also a great snow day (we’ve had plenty!) activity for bored kids at home…my kids give this activity two thumbs up!

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3 Comments on “Chalk Art”

  1. Yay for snow day activities!!! *Please snow, stop already! You are beautiful, but I’ve had enough for this year!! 😉

  2. Thank you for this idea! I teach yoga at my Montessori school & they are going to love this project!

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