Bright Spots

Confession – I really like to have a plan, and having extra time at the end of a class can send me into a tail spin. But luckily, things work out even when the plan needs some add-ons.

I’m volunteering with a group of energetic third and fourth graders, and end up with about 7 minutes extra after we finish the activities I planned. What to do?  I reach into my bag and realize I have my Mindfulness & Movement cards with me; Whew! And the session’s focus is on listening – perfect fit!

Rosy Wiggling

It takes me 30 seconds to flip through a few cards and find an activity to get the kids moving thoughtfully: Walk Stop Wiggle Sit. The kids nod seriously as I explained the directions but soon are almost giggling.

After the kids finish walking, wiggling, etc. I have another moment of panic when I ask them to sit in a circle to reflect on the activity (a key part of learning!). You know – the feeling you get when a bunch of trusting kids looks up at you with, “what next?” written all over their faces!!?! And I have no idea what’s next.

But then I look down at my Mindfulness & Movement card. The Bright Spot questions catch my eye. I start asking, and the kids start talking.  The result? A meaningful discussion about the power of listening and focus. Strategies for the classroom. And lots of smiles.

No prep, but a high-quality, memorable learning experience that the kids love.

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