Meet Someone

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Sometimes it’s hard to find a new activity to help break the ice at a class or meeting. I’m always looking for new ideas. I found this one that I put together a long time ago (I’m cleaning my office!) and thought I’d share it. It’s certainly not unique, but it might add a twist on things you’ve done before. And … Read

Remember Evelyn Davis?

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I started working in Des Moines in 1980 when I was fresh out of graduate school. Iowa State University Extension hired two urban 4-H professionals to fill one position. The Polk County Extension Director’s reaction was not warm. “There’s no such thing as a free puppy” was his frequent response to our requests. Extension negotiated with Evelyn Davis for free … Read

Divide Your Group

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As I facilitate experiential education or group discussions, I like to divide any group that is larger than seven people into smaller groups. This makes it easier for quieter people to be heard. If I’m with a group for more than an hour or so, I mix the groups up so everyone gets to know each other better. I’ve experimented with … Read


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Fish and Tater

Play is a most important element of creativity. People know me for bringing toys to meetings to engage our playful side as we work. Building play into collaboration builds trust, encourages communication and open interaction. Taking time out to play when I’m struggling with a project will loosen the gears and help me focus again.  A walk, playing with Bitsy … Read