Meet Someone

Sometimes it’s hard to find a new activity to help break the ice at a class or meeting. I’m always looking for new ideas. I found this one that I put together a long time ago (I’m cleaning my office!) and thought I’d share it.

It’s certainly not unique, but it might add a twist on things you’ve done before. And you can use the name tags to divide the group into nine smaller groups.

I developed this version for a meeting of facilitators and girls from Chrysalis After School groups, so the symbols I used are related to things we wanted for the girls and their groups–unity, understanding, wisdom, voice, strength. This Name Tag Game has everything you need to print off to play the game.

Each person’s name tag is printed with one of the pictures on the Name Tag Game Board. Have them write their names on a name tag as they come into the room. Then they are to find a person with a matching name tag picture for each square on the Game Board, as well as one thing about that person they didn’t know before. When they have all nine squares on their Game Board initialed, they have completed the game. Prizes are a nice incentive. It’s great to have something for everyone as they finish. Maybe it’s their ticket to snack or a pin that represents the group.  

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