Start with Hope

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I met with a colleague this morning; she’s launching a freelance career in marketing and communications. We talked about our Be the Change dinner discussion series, and what we hope to accomplish. I’ve thought a lot about how hard it is to communicate in concrete terms, but I came a little closer this morning. I often feel overwhelmed and helpless … Read

What were you doing?

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I grew up at Disneyland. Every time relatives visited from the Midwest, we took them there. There was no wearing jeans in those days. My brother Leo and I were four and three years old the first time we went. Mother dressed us up, me in my dotted Swiss pinafore, Leo in a white shirt, and dark shorts and shoes. … Read

Be the Change

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Next Step Adventure is offering a series of dinner discussions called “Be the Change” on Thursday evenings beginning January 2, 2014 with “Be the Change in Your Body.” All of the events will be held at Christopher’s Restaurant in Beaverdale. Register here for one event at $30, which includes a healthy dinner of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Or register and prepay for all five events for … Read

Summer, my favorite!

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I’m sad at the end of summer. No matter how much I’ve crammed into it, there’s always regret for the things I’ve missed. Riding my bike, learning to sail, hiking at the Ledges are on the list this year. Even when I extend the season by starting  June 1 and going til the Autumnal Equinox, it’s never long enough. I … Read

Enjoy a Picture Book

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Picture books. I’ve loved them since before Mom read The Pokey Little Puppy to Leo and me. I just learned it is the best selling picture book ever. When I saw this book in the New York City Library’s exhibit about The ABC of It: Why Children’s Books Matter, I was in for a surprise. I sat down on one of their big … Read

Au Courage

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Catacombes de Paris

“The thing we tend to overlook about adventures is that the people having them don’t know how they’re going to turn out.” How true! Seven years ago when I was hatching Next Step, I really didn’t know how it would turn out. I still don’t. That’s what makes it an Adventure!. I’ve come to believe that most things are adventures. … Read

Kids These Days

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I just made this short video from my first Internet radio show two years ago, We’re Entrepreneurs. We Can Help. Because my daughter was home for the holidays, it was a great opportunity to have a conversation with some 20-somethings. Listening to it further reinforces my opinion that Generation Y has some really great qualities. Travis Wells identifies his childhood … Read

Accept Autumn

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Martha's Vineyard Branch

I watched a full moon rise the other night, riding my bike home from yoga. Fall is nearly here. I’m not thinking of snow coming in a few months. I’m not thinking of snow. No snow. The garage is organized enough to find the snow shovels, but the kayak REALLY needs to learn to hang from the rafters. Is there … Read

Write a Six-Word Memoir

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Last winter, my daughter, one of her friends and I wrote six-word memoirs to sum up our days. This exercise was based on the very popular book called “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure.” I found it a challenging and interesting way to review my day. We shared news about a sister’s engagement, … Read

Discussion Topics

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Processing at the Adventure Learning Center

Okay, I put it out there–What are some good discussion topics for middle school girls? Here is the first response I got on Facebook– –music, clothes, dance, friendship and who’s cute-circa 1970’s –music, clothes, dance, friendship and who’s cute -using cellphones, social networking, text, -circa 2009 Here are some more– Media portrayal of girls/women Cliques Movies Books School TV shows … Read