School starts tomorrow

And check out Next Step mindfulness & movement activities, the decks are on sale for just one more day— $15 each. There are about 50 activities kinda like the one above. Exercises to help you practice breathing, connecting, settling, playing, and more. And they’re not just for kids!

How can you help?

Each day, new things jumped out at me as I moved around the school–respectful discipline to disrespectful students, help for students struggling with technology. Teachers took attendance, engaged their students in interesting lessons, and built meaningful connections.

Covid-19 Challenge

Even days you don’t feel like going out…do it anyway! We have some resources for planning outings–Iowa’s #99Parks Funpack and The Family Adventure Bundle

FUN!!! With Kids & Worms

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about worms, and more! Create your own worm composting bin. Learn about the important jobs worms do for us. Talk about garbage!