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I just applied to make my yard a certified wildlife habitat. I figured I might as well, since the deer have plucked my rosebuds one by one this summer and fall. Really, it’s a small step toward taking better care of the outdoors. I started the process about three years ago when a group of friends and I removed an … Read

Go Outside!

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Last week my friend Anne and I built a “pondless waterfall” in my backyard. I had a great time digging in the dirt, getting muddy from top to toe and watching my little Tater cat explore the waterfall as it came into being. As I built it, I thought about my young friend Isaac playing in it when the weather … Read

Go Outdoors!

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The naturalists at Polk County Conservation are some of my favorite people to work with. I’ve facilitated adventure education programs with them, canoed, and learned to use GPS in parks throughout Polk County. Some of the parks make you say, “I can’t believe this place is only 20 minutes from my house!” They work to make kids and adults more comfortable … Read

See Polk County Conservation Surveys

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Echinacea and Rudebeckia in my backyard

This program evaluation measures progress of clients toward goals of– deeper respect and connection with nature sharing knowledge and experience with others becoming greener in their behaviors around energy and the environment. Patrice Petersen-Keys, the other naturalists at Polk County Conservation and I have worked on this during the last couple years, here are links to surveys– Participant Survey 2011 Teacher Survey … Read

PCC Surveys & Results

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Bugs are cool

These are the links to the Polk County Surveys– Participant Survey Podcast Survey Teacher Survey Green Arts Program Survey And links to the results Participant Survey Results (2009) Participant Survey Results (Short Term Involvement 2008) Podcast Survey Results Participant Survey Results (Long Term Involvement 2008) Teacher Survey Results Green Arts Program Survey Results