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Last week I rebuilt my “pondless waterfall” for the third time. I’ve lost the illusion that it’s the third and LAST time. Gardening is all about the process. A potential home buyer asked my friend if her garden was finished; that was a deal breaker. Here was a neophyte–a garden is never finished. My art teacher says the only true beauty emerges from process; gardens are evidence of that.

After the garden workshop in my backyard Tuesday, Carol and I talked about criteria for selling our homes. I told her the old neighbors to my back interviewed potential buyers to find out if they would tend the garden to their satisfaction. The new neighbors have done well; that garden has flourished and is constantly being improved and expanded. I’m vigilant about keeping the creeping charlie from creeping through that fence!

Saturday my daughter and I planted eight shrubs and perennials for fall interest. Yesterday morning they looked like they had always been there. That’s a wonderful compliment: when Bill Dirkx saw my pond for the first time, he asked the same thing, “Hasn’t that always been there?”

September and October are the months for putting your hope in the ground. I bought some quick growing greens so we can have fresh salads into frost. I still have roses and bulbs to plant. I won’t see any results of that investment for six months, but I am excited about planting anyway. Winter will go faster, knowing there will be daffodils.

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  1. Martha,
    thought there might be some mention of your gardening mentor here. Enjoyed meeting you and lunch as well. My dad and Ruth have headed south should be at their first winter destination by now. Hope this finds you well.


  2. I appreciate your comments about “process.” Gardens, lives, endeavors of all kinds are always in transition and accepting this process is key to opening the doors to ongoing discovery. Thanks for your well-put description of this process!

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