Have Fun

I’ve been working with the Next Step Advisory Board to develop my company’s mission and values. It turns out that Next Step values creativity, partnership, and fun! Who knew?!!!??

One of my Board members sent me a link to a video done by TheFunTheory.com. They developed several strategies and then took videos to test their theory that fun can get people to change. Hmmmm, how many applications can we find for that?

The video most closely tied to my current work is the World’s Deepest Trash Bin; I’m working with Keep Iowa Beautiful to develop a program guide for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade teachers to lay the groundwork for kids to learn about volunteering, the environment, character and keeping their schools clean. The lesson plans are nearly done, and have a good share of fun built in.

I think my personal favorite is a strategy for getting people to use the stairs more than the escalator. It reminds me the giant piano scene from the movie, Big; I might just have to watch that movie again real soon. There are 35 pages of entries into The Fun Theory’s contest to find other ways to use fun to get people to change their behavior. Which do you like best?

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