Stipple Your Eggs

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I was actually sad when I attended my last school conference nearly nine years ago. As my daughter grew up, each passing semester offered a new adventure. The year she changed her name, I introduced myself as “Kate’s mom.” The blank stare was followed by, “Oh! You mean Lucy!” By the way, she’s still Lucy! Spring semester that same year, … Read

Write You a River

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elephants from canoe

The summer after my daughter LucyKate graduated from college, we wrote a daily Haiku. It was a really fun way to recap the day, or put our hopes and dreams out there for the universe. The traditional basis for Haiku is nature; I’d compare our Haikus to droplets, poems sparkling in the sun. Soaking into moss. Here is an opportunity for … Read

Go to the Library

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A major highlight of my growing up years was the weekly (Really? Weekly?) trip to the library. We had two–Covina and the Los Angeles County Library in West Des Moines. The LA Library opened when I was older, and seemed just huge. Mom read to me and my brother every night long after we could read to ourselves. Then I … Read

Visit the Art Center!

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You and your group really should see the Tara Donovan show at the Des Moines Art Center. It blew me away! The scale, texture and rhythm are astounding, not to mention the materials she uses! Tara Donovan is a young woman artist who has made a name for herself across the country. The show lasts until September 13, 2009. Rachael Jackson, … Read

Discover Creativity

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I listened to Speaking of Faith this morning while I did yoga. I use this routine to focus on spirituality and fitness; it’s easier for me to meditate when I’m moving! This week’s podcast was titled “Fishing with Mystery” and James Prosek said that creativity is our gift from the Creator. Discovering our own creativity and expressing it is a … Read

Write a Six-Word Memoir

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Last winter, my daughter, one of her friends and I wrote six-word memoirs to sum up our days. This exercise was based on the very popular book called “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure.” I found it a challenging and interesting way to review my day. We shared news about a sister’s engagement, … Read