Go Ask Alice

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It’s so important to have reliable information when kids come to us with questions about sex. Or at least we need to be able to FIND that reliable information. This is a great resource for that kind of info–a Health Q & A Service of Columbia University. It has an extensive archive, a search function and is very user friendly … Read

That’s Not Cool

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This is a pretty funny video about what might happen if you talk to your parents, counselor or boyfriend about “textual harassment.” It was developed by Brandon Hardesty and you can also find it on thatsnotcool.com. Here’s what Brian says about it– “A PSA I did for Ad Council. I filmed this about three weeks ago. Ad Council asked me … Read

See Polk County Conservation Surveys

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Echinacea and Rudebeckia in my backyard

This program evaluation measures progress of clients toward goals of– deeper respect and connection with nature sharing knowledge and experience with others becoming greener in their behaviors around energy and the environment. Patrice Petersen-Keys, the other naturalists at Polk County Conservation and I have worked on this during the last couple years, here are links to surveys– Participant Survey 2011 Teacher Survey … Read

PCC Surveys & Results

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Bugs are cool

These are the links to the Polk County Surveys– Participant Survey Podcast Survey Teacher Survey Green Arts Program Survey And links to the results Participant Survey Results (2009) Participant Survey Results (Short Term Involvement 2008) Podcast Survey Results Participant Survey Results (Long Term Involvement 2008) Teacher Survey Results Green Arts Program Survey Results


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Fish and Tater

Play is a most important element of creativity. People know me for bringing toys to meetings to engage our playful side as we work. Building play into collaboration builds trust, encourages communication and open interaction. Taking time out to play when I’m struggling with a project will loosen the gears and help me focus again.  A walk, playing with Bitsy … Read

Plan Agendas

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Iowa Outdoor Youth Summit

Meeting Agenda Card Sort is a tool for involving your group in setting an agenda for regular meetings. It starts with collecting ideas from all the members, and then provides an easy way to put the ideas in order and develop a timeframe. Groups benefit from having a standard agenda so that members know what to expect and are prepared. … Read

Map the Community

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A map is a special kind of picture of a community or area; there are landmarks that make each community unique. Each team will draw, photograph, take notes and collect things that can be glued to the map-page. At the end of the walk, print photos and add items from the walk to the map-pages.