A Fresh Perspective

Berry bowlDid you know that one single strawberry can have 200 seeds?! That’s because the main job of the strawberry plant is to produce more strawberry plants and carry forward its genetic code. Really, that’s every organism’s main job. Just think about it! Nature’s amazing, isn’t it?

As I aim to stretch the time between grocery runs, my family appreciates fresh fruits and vegetables more than ever before. We are really grateful for farmers and essential workers as well. In the middle of this pandemic, they work to bring produce, meat and other food and goods to us.

Because of that, they are more at risk for getting sick with the coronavirus than we are. A ripe strawberry, heirloom tomatoes, and crisp garden lettuce and peas are pretty special when you really think about what it takes to get them to the table.

Now more than ever, my kids and I have a new perspective on food, especially fresh produce. Here are three new print-and-go activities to get you thinking about fruits and vegetables, and experiencing them. Take some time to observe plants, use all five senses, experiment with seeds, prepare and eat food, learn fun facts, tell jokes and more.

Download our newest printables:Waukee School Garden

Science of Fruit

Vegetable Investigators

Taco Salad

For more healthy food choice tips for kids, check out these 5-2-1-0 parent resources. And happy eating!

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