Retreat Dreaming

Or maybe it’s a nightmare! This is my first time attending the Central Iowa Yoga Retreat. It’s also my first time planning the Retreat (cue nervous laughter and a flurry of emails to Martha– sorry boss!)

I’ve often felt out of my depth when making decisions for the event, updating the website and fielding questions from participants and teachers alike. I don’t have all the answers- or anywhere close to it, but I am operating with a handful of fundamental truths.

  • Yoga is for everyone
  • We’ve got an incredible yoga community in Des Moines
  • We’re thrilled to highlight small businesses within the area
  • We can’t wait to move with our local instructors + studentsHannah Cutler, Rooted Yoga Studio

The event is a day to celebrate the richness that is the practice of yoga. We get to celebrate our bodies with community, movement, and beautiful sounds. The event is not to see what instructor or what studio does the “best” yoga. It’s just the opposite, the event is designed to celebrate the practice in all of its diverse forms. We understand that yoga practices can look very different and still meet the needs of the students, and honor the lineage(s) of the practice.

We’re less than six months out from the 11th annual Central Iowa Yoga Retreat. Check out the early bird pricing now through November 26th, 2022! We can’t wait to see you all there!First yoga retreat

Oh, and did I mention the event is being held on Earth Day? We’re pretty pumped to celebrate mother nature at the Raccoon River Nature Lodge in West Des Moines as well!

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