I’m so excited to introduce  the newest member of our team here at Next Step Adventure. Ashley Kirvin’s lived two doors west of me for a little over a year. I think I got her attention when I wore my alligator costume for my partner’s 64th birthday parade soon after she moved in. Anyhow, we started chatting last summer, and found out…Ashley at home

  • She’s a garden lover. I have a spectacular garden. Wild and weedy but spectacular.
  • Ashley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Leisure Studies with an emphasis on Child Life. My mother told me once that I better keep my job as a Youth Development Specialist with Iowa State because no one else would pay me to play games all the time. Uh huh.

  • We’re both yoga teachers. Ashley’s taking over leadership for the Central Iowa Yoga Retreat. Watch for updates here. And here. And here. And here.
  • Without going into too much detail, we’re both passionate about social and racial justice. About the crises facing our country and our world today. Watch for Ashley at Poverty Simulations, and for her blog posts where she’ll share some of the issues and approaches that move her to action.
  • We’re both passionate about addressing these issues with a positive attitude, mindfulness skills, and looking for joy in all the right places. Ashley is contributing to the “Foundation Deck” revision of the Mindfulness and Movement activity cards, and to the content we’re developing for a set of activity cards for student athletes.

Martha at the Grand Canyon

As I plunge the depths of art and yoga, as I travel more, and find new next steps, it’s great to have a team member that can finish my sentences, and pick up my work where I leave it.

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