Just Calm Down!

My name is Mary. I am nine years old. Yesterday, I went to yoga class to help show some of the activities. It was really fun!

We had three 30-minute classes. The students were in pre-K through fifth grade. I noticed when the students came into the gym they were a little crazy and when they left, they were calm. A lot of them said Thank You!


Mindfulness & Movement StuffSome of the activities we did were breathing buddies, chime listening, breath of joy, balloon breathing, and a few others. A lot of students said they will try breathing buddies again at bedtime. I love that one, too!

I like helping with yoga. It helps me feel calm. I will use yoga to help me calm down my mind before basketball and dance recitals. When will you use yoga?

–Mary Johnson, Ankeny

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  1. Martha McCormick July 15, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    Sometimes Mary comes to my Level 1 adult classes at Shakti Yoga Shop, and DOES THE WHOLE CLASS! She’s amazing.

  2. Mary loves yoga and loves helping!! As a parent and a teacher, I highly recommend the Next Step Mindfulness & Movement cards. They offer a wide variety of easy to use activities. Not just helpful for kids, but good for adults too!!

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