Brain Breaks

We know movement is good for kids. We also know kids aren’t moving as much as is recommended – only 21.6% of students meet the daily goal of 60-minutes of moderate to vigorous movement. Not only is movement good for physical health, but it’s good for mental health as well as focus and executive function. Brain Breaks – short movement activities in schools – can help.

This fall we’ve enjoyed working with the Iowa Department of Public Health as they roll out their Brain Breaks booklet in classrooms across the state. What a great resource for busy teachers!

Brain Breaks resource from Iowa Department of Public Health

A Brain Break is simply a 3-5 minute break for movement in the classroom. The booklet has dozens of ideas for organized movement that gets kids moving without chaos. These fun, simple activities are perfect for transitions. Incorporating movement into academic lessons is also a win.

A few tips for incorporating Brain Breaks in your classroom:

  • Discuss the purpose of the activities with the class.
  • Model the movement.
  • Spread out! Consider assigning Brain Break spots so students know where to stand.
  • Make Brain Breaks part of the daily routine.
  • Start small – aim for 3-5 breaks throughout the day.

Check out additional tips at the Iowa Department of Public Health’s site! And don’t forget to take a look at our own Mindfulness & Movement Activity Cards!

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