Let’s Talk Activism

What does activism mean to you? Is it writing letters, lobbying, picketing, boycotting, community building? Maybe it’s volunteering somewhere or meditating on peace.

Most people don’t even consider themselves activists. I think we are lucky, if at some point in our lives there is at least one issue important enough to spur us into action. Why do I say lucky?

Because being an activist means connecting with that which is life on Earth. All issues are issues of living on Earth. Activism is a conscious decision to be part of the creation and chaos.

Author Alice Walker says activism is the rent she pays for living on this planet. What I have to learn to pay that rent is way bigger than what I know.

I learn from, and I am inspired by others. David Korten said, “Life is most vibrant and creative when each living being finds its place of service to the whole. For our species to thrive and prosper, we must each find our place of service to one another and to the larger community of life on which our continued existence depends.”

by Kyla Cox, Next Step Program Coordinator


Posted by Kyla Cox

Expresses her creativity most dynamically through her connection with Mother Earth, Kyla Cox is a well-known figure in Des Moines’ sustainability movement. Whether you’re talking about urban gardening, permaculture or conservation, Kyla’s name is sure to come up.

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  1. Discussion last Thursday about activism helped me clarify how my personality plays apart in my level of activism. I am an introvert. My energy comes from time alone, quiet time. Some people are energized by socializing. I realized that finding ways to contribute could include activities I can do alone. Creative, quiet, contribution. I’d always thought of activism as being in the community with other people. And maybe more importantly, we talked about the language of activism. I think the group came to the conclusion that the language and behavior of opposition has a place in activism, but learning how to have dialogue with those with whom you disagree is what is really needed.

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