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When I was growing up and even until I went on college visits with my nephew Wil, I had no idea how much engineering is a part of all aspects of life–travel, energy, safe water, medicine, almost everything.

Wil is a junior now at ISU’s College of Engineering. He’s having a great time (maybe a greater time than his parents would like him to have) and some interesting learning experiences. He will be going to California to talk about a project he’s been working on for Pella Windows as part of Team Tech through the Society of Women in Engineering (SWE).

Unfortunately, the number of women in engineering is still much lower than the number of men. Engineer Girl is trying to change that with this Web site where girls can explore careers and meet people who are doing the work. The site is sponsored by the National Academy of EngineeringEngineer Your Life is easy to navigate, has video profiles of female engineers and a lot of information on–

Let us know about YOUR engineering adventure!

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  1. This is WIl, the aforementioned nephew. Our project was to create a window with an R-10 efficiency rating. To do this we used new materials for the frame and insulation as well as designing blinds that open and close to maximize energy efficiency. We got to work closely with Pella and received a great deal of hands on design experience.

  2. Here’s a TED Talk that talks about Haptics, a science I’d never even heard of before. And it’s about one of my favorite things–touch.

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