We’re Gardeners!

That's what my four-year-old granddaughter says as we plant fall crops. I always tell folks who work with kids in gardens, it's not about the plants. It's about the kids.

Connecting Kids and Healthy Food

How much do you love healthy, local food? How hard do you have to work to find it and get it to your table? How important is it to you to have your kids eat healthy food that's grown close to where you live?

Get Kids Moving

The outdoors is the best place to be as we fight Covid-19 and experience the beauty of fall. Don't miss the opportunity on warm days for water play, bike rides, creek walking and neighborhood mapping. Go ahead and get lost!

Plant a Garden

I’m gardening with the Earth Heroes from Carver Community School‘s Boys and Girls Club this season. When I first saw how little these mostly second graders are, I thought there’s no way they can farm the 20 raised beds at …

A Mindful Spring

I've been determined to really pay attention to spring this year, and to share it with some folks who seem to have an easier time being mindful than most.

Lead & Coordinate

Sometimes an adventure begins with an unexpected opportunity; when new doors open, Next Step is happy to step into a leadership role, do some problem solving, organizing, bringing a fresh look to your work. The work has often grown from …

Create & Develop

With a team that includes visionaries, teachers, an artist, a counselor and a scientist, we have a big wheelhouse for making something from… well, whatever we start with. Next Step uses a unique blend of fun, mindfulness, creativity, evaluation, intuition, …

Teach & Facilitate

With more than 75 years combined experience in classrooms, camps, hospitals, afterschool and church programs, the Next Step team collaborates with schools, individuals, and organizations to help kids and grownups learn new stuff. Whether it’s a special yoga class for …