We’re Sending Postcards – You Can, Too!

What can we do to take action on gun safety in Iowa?

Send your name & mailing address to sara@nextstepadventure.com with the subject line: Vote NO. We will send you a packet of postcards. When you get them, write a short note about why this issue is important to you, add a stamp and address, and send them to your friends and neighbors. (Note: we respect your privacy. We will never share your address.)

Post card campaigns are proving to be VERY effective in getting people to vote for issues and people who are important to them; that’s why we’re organizing this campaign. Here are some ideas to include in your postcards:

  • We already have the 2nd amendment.
  • This amendment doesn’t do what it says it does. The language “strict scrutiny” is a legal test that will make it difficult to pass ANY common-sense gun legislation.
  • No other amendments to the Iowa Constitution have this extreme “strict scrutiny” language.
  • Only three states currently have amendments like this. Louisiana, Alabama, and Missouri rank 3rd, 4th, and 5th highest in the nation for gun deaths, respectively. Their gun amendments have certainly not made their states safer!
  • This amendment is funded by out-of-state special interests who put profits over people.
  • Public health, gun violence prevention, domestic violence intervention and religious groups are encouraging Iowans to vote NO.
  • The proposed amendment is too dangerous for our community. It weakens our current laws, makes us less safe, and even puts our law enforcement in danger.
  • The majority of Iowans favor common sense gun laws, and the language “strict scrutiny” will make it even more difficult to pass such laws.

Read more about the amendment on our website, the Des Moines Register, and Iowa Public Radio.

If you prefer to get started right away, print your own postcards!

Contact us to invite a guest speaker to talk to your group about gun violence in Iowa, legislative changes that have weakened Iowa’s gun laws over the last 5 years, the extreme language in the proposed amendment, and its dangerous potential impact on Iowans.

Feel free to share this with your neighbors and colleagues. Together we can create a better world.

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