Celebrate Service

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day coming up in a week, I want to put something out there about service-learning, and how important it is to upcoming generations. This video is taken from my radio show, “We’re Entrepreneurs. We Can Help.” It features Nikola Pavelik and Lucy McCormick. Lucy is teaching humanities at Hershey Montessori School in northeastern Ohio and Nikola is Community Engagement Coordinator for the City of Dubuque.

I find that they are not unusual in their commitment to service and to mentoring young people. During the interview we all remarked at how these young people, then in their mid-20s talked about working with younger kids. Travis Wells was on the same page. He is featured in last month’s video “Kids These Days.”

Watch this spot for more words of wisdom from Generation Y. My research says there are more of them on the planet than Baby Boomers now. I personally hope they can get us out of the mess we’ve made of things. But my daughter’s response to that is “Don’t put that on us!” I think they’ve already started the job; let me know what you think after you watch this.


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  1. […] Service comes from the spirit rather than the ego. When we serve, it is from a level playing field. We engage friends and neighbors as equals, listen to their ideas and needs and find creative ways to join those needs and ideas with our own. […]

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