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I’m on a news break right now. All the bad news from around the world and around the nation was getting me down. It’s overwhelming when you are just one person, and you don’t see how the little bit you can do will make any difference at all. But then I found Amiya. She is changing the world, one dance step at a time!

When she was ten, Amiya Alexander woke her mother at 1 in the morning–“I need a pink bus!” She already had a business plan and a design for her mobile dance studio. Her single mom found a way to give her that bus for Christmas, and she has been providing affordable dance lessons in it ever since. Her motivation–attacking the obesity epidemic.

This morning’s Des Moines Register ran a story about Joanne Schafer and her trips to Haiti. She has traveled there more than 100 times since 1991. Along with antibiotics and education, she is giving “A Little Piece of [Her] Heart” to the people of Haiti.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Katie Spotz, the young woman who rowed her boat across the Atlantic Ocean. Now she is riding her bike amazing distances. Having her bike stolen didn’t stop her either. She is raising money for clean water in developing countries. Rachel Naomi Remen says, “What if the small things that you can do are exactly what is needed to heal the world?”

If you are inspired to heal the world, here are some possible places to start–

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  1. I love Rachel’s quote that you give here: “What if the small things that you can do are exactly what is needed to heal the world?” I think so many of us can have a profound impact just by getting involved through the skills and resources we possess. The ways in which we’ll find relevance would likely surprise us. It just takes a desire to get plugged in and make ourselves available.

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