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I am working with iJAG (Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates) to assess longterm outcomes for graduates of the program. iJAG is working hard to increase the high school graduation rate in Iowa and have staff and programs in high schools from Sioux City to Keokuk and Dubuque to Council Bluffs. This survey is designed to get an idea of how graduates are doing on continuing their education, finding quality jobs and careers.

Here is a link to survey, and to the results.

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  1. I have taken IJAG Course when I was in high school. Iowa Jobs for American graduate is very interesting course; it is fun and unique. It taught me different ideas and knowledge, its offer me lots of opportunities. It prepare me personally how to be a good leader and how to deal or work with different ethnic -groups in the workplace, it helps me to be a good student, good employee, and as well as it help me to manage my time effectively and prepare me for quick solution to any question that customers or employees may face at workplace. So I do highly encourage individuals who are interested taking this course. IJAG program was and still very useful currently in workplace, education and in life for new generation or everyone.


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