Teach an Easy Card Game

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I’ve taught and played Speed for about a million years now, with literally generations of kids. I still love it but unfortunately my daughter can almost always beat me. I usually have to play until I catch her off guard though, just because.

Speed is a great game that also teaches math skills and reading readiness through patterns. I found this Internet version when I was searching for the directions and I kind of got hooked. Some of your girls may already know how to play the game; it would be a great opportunity to set up mentor pairs and have them teach their peers.

Prairie Meadows Race Track and Casino will donate gently used playing cards on request. Email Kay Alcantar or call her at 515-967-1311 or 800-325-9015 x1311 and she will collect them and have them at the front desk for you.

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  1. Thanks so much for Kay’s contact info! I am always looking for donations!

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