We Need Pollinators–Lessons & More!

The Pollinator Lesson Pack includes six hands-on lessons connected to the Iowa Core for Kindergarten-5th grade. The Next Step Adventure Education Team partnered with Story County Conservation to develop these engaging lessons. Use them to increase your students’ awareness of pollinators.

Each lesson is linked with a specific grade level, but the activities can be adapted to all ages, and are fun in any setting, including outdoor classrooms or gardens.

  • Your students will become bees and collect pollen for the hive.
  • A game of catch simulates cross pollination
  • Map your neighborhood pollinator pit stops, and more activities are in the Pollinator Lesson Pack!

Who doesn’t love spotting butterflies?! But kids may not realize we need butterflies and other pollinators. These butterflies and creatures help at least 30% of world crops and 90% of wild plants thrive. Their habitat is decreasing but we can help!

Download the Pollinator Lesson Pack here for FREE!

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