Volunteer for Poverty Simulation

This will be the third year for Next Step to facilitate the MACA Poverty Simulation with members of the West Des Moines Chamber’s Leadership Academy and interested community members. The Simulation will be held on November 17 at WDM Christian Church.

This simulation provides a unique opportunity to experience a “month” of the virtual realties of poverty in an effort to begin eliminating poverty in our community.The Poverty Simulation begins with introductions and ends with a chance for participants to share their thoughts, feelings and develop plans for action.

Participants play the roles of family members facing poverty. Some families are out of work, some recently deserted by the “breadwinner”.   Some are homeless; others disabled. Some are retired people raising their grandchildren. The task of each family is to provide for basic necessities and shelter during four 15-minute “weeks”.

Volunteers, many of whom have faced poverty themselves, staff the simulation. They play the roles of grocers, landlords, police officers, social workers, bankers and employers.

The Poverty Simulation will be held on Thursday, November 17, from 12:00-4:30 in the Fellowship Hall of West Des Moines Christian Church, 4501 Mills Civic Parkway. We welcome anyone interested in participating in this meaningful and impactful exercise. Please contact Linda Hulleman at the WDM Chamber  if you would like to take part.

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