Learn about Money

I’m STILL learning about money! During the last nine months, I’ve written checks bigger than I thought possible for remodeling my house, putting in a new driveway and front porch. It’s really exciting to be able to do these things, and I expect to enjoy them for many years after they’re done! But I’ve had to revise my whole attitude about money, get some help and limit my spending to things I can pay for in cash. Those were novel ideas even five years ago.

Chrysalis After-School helps girls attain economic independence. Through programs like Bank and Store, outside speakers and Financial Champions, girls learn how to handle money, how to save, use a bank account and use credit wisely. The Veridian Credit Union has gotten high marks from CAS Facilitators for the programs they’ve brought in. Veridian offers multiple workshops tailored to any age group. Topics discussed are:

  • Balancing your Checkbook
  • Student Loans
  • Applying for a Loan
  • Identity Theft
  • Budgeting and Saving
  • Veridian Credit Union Products and Services
  • Establishing and Reestablishing Credit
  • Understanding your Credit Report

The contact for programs in Erica Andersen; her phone number is 515-289-5511.

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