Run Like a Kenyan

How hard would it be to make a living running marathons? Salina Kosgei has done so since she was 16 years old, and won the 2009 Boston Marathon by 1 second. She trains hard, several times a day, and at 33, knows she won’t be able to run forever. She thinks of returning to prison work so she can be near her family, but what she really wants to do is run a camp to help other young Kenyans learn to run for a living.

This story about Salina is part of an American Public Media series called “Working.” The program profiles one worker from outside the US each month with the idea of connecting us to others who are like us, produce something we can relate to, connect us with the shrinking world around us. There are additional segments on a child laborer, a circus performer, a chocolate taster, cabinet minister, CEO, electronic recycler and pop singer.

Here are some questions to ask your group after you’ve listened to the program, about work and careers–

  • What do you think about this career field?
  • How does this type of work make a difference in the world?
  • Can you see yourself working in this type of environment?

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