Go Ask Alice

It’s so important to have reliable information when kids come to us with questions about sex. Or at least we need to be able to FIND that reliable information. This is a great resource for that kind of info–a Health Q & A Service of Columbia University.

It has an extensive archive, a search function and is very user friendly and interactive. There are sections on sexuality, sexual health and relationships as well as general health issues. The web site is about 14 years old but still highly relevant and edgy.

In the fall of 2007, I had the pleasure to attend a keynote address and workshop by Judith Steinhart, who was involved in starting this resource at Columbia University in New York City. She is AMAZING! I learned a lot from her; she became a sex educator quite by accident. One of her students asked her about getting condoms and she was off! I developed an activity for “Becoming an Approachable Adult” called the Pleasure Meter that is based on an activity she facilitated with about 350 people. Check it out.

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