Rhonda Chittenden

Honoring her favorite teacher and writer Alice Walker, Rhonda describes her work as bringing her own “small imperfect stone” of activism to the ongoing creation of an edifice of hope.

Rhonda Chittendon Calderon of Next Step Adventure and The Stories We Tell social justice coach

A Master’s prepared educator, Rhonda brought her rich professional and life experience to Next Step Adventure in 2018, using everyday storytelling to lead committed white people in the urgent work of transforming our understanding of what it means to be white. Through small group work, she helps us to include racial responsibility and justice in our lives.

Rhonda and her children

With six years of non-profit leadership experience with EyesOpenIowa, and twenty years in the non-profit sector, Rhonda pioneered professional development efforts on emerging social themes.

Rhonda received the Courageous Advocacy Award for advocacy on the sexual health needs of girls in the juvenile justice system. She also serves on the board of Monsoon Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity.

Rhonda lives in Des Moines in an interracial, interfaith family. She enjoys the company of several four-legged companions and dreams of more yoga, hiking, vegetarian cooking and art in her days!

Rhonda Calderon in snow
Fun in the snow!