Kyla Cox

Expresses her creativity most dynamically through her connection with Mother Earth, Kyla Cox is a well-known figure in Des Moines’ sustainability movement. Whether you’re talking about urban gardening, permaculture or conservation, Kyla’s name is sure to come up.

Kyla Cox
Kyla Cox snorkeling
Snorkeling adventure

With a Masters of Science degree in Earth Literacy, a Bachelor of Science degrees with a double major in Commercial Horticulture and Addiction Studies, it’s amazing to know Kyla earned her GED after dropping out of high school to have her first child. Six years later, her son Nathan was born, and she and husband Bret began the adventure of raising children and eventually experiencing the joys of grandchildren.

Kyla reading a Next Step brochure
Work at Next Step is fun!

Kyla’s life experiences provide her with insight into the struggles of vulnerable children and adults, and the patience to work with them until they achieve success as they define it.

Extensive experience counseling addicts and alcoholics enables Kyla’s success in teaching about addiction. Her understanding and education in this realm inform her work and allow her to empower others to overcome such challenges.

Combining organizational skills with creativity and a sense of fun provide Kyla the devices to help people prevail over the limits they face in so many areas of their lives.

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Kyla and Bret Cox hiking mountain trails
Kyla and her husband Bret hiking Long’s Peak