Jesse Wilcox, STEM educator of Next Step Adventure

STEM Educator and Pedagogical Engineer

Jesse Wilcox on the Cliffs of Dover in England biology trip

At the Cliffs of Dover in England as part of a History of Biology trip Jesse led.

Jesse Wilcox is a native Iowan. He loves traveling, spending time outdoors, reading non-fiction, and spending time with friends and family.


Jesse Wilcox and his daughter on the train at Blank Park Zoo

Jesse with his daughter on the train at the Blank Park Zoo.

Jesse is passionate about helping teachers improve their practice.  He uses engaging activities and asks questions that help teachers see how they can modify their lessons to benefit their students.

Joining the Next Step team in 2018, Jesse brings 12 years of experience in STEM education as a high school science teacher. He is currently an assistant professor in STEM education at Simpson University. Jesse has published numerous papers in STEM education journals, won awards for excellence in teaching, and served as the Iowa Science Teachers Section Chair.

As Next Step’s STEM educator and Pedagogical Engineer, Jesse helps design curriculum, writes for the blog, and works with teachers on effective STEM teaching practices, including how to use nature to teach STEM.

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Jesse Wilcox family

The Wilcox Family