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Martha's yoga books

What a week! I just keep saying that. What a week! But I’ve made one thing a constant since once-irrational fears became the daily news: my breath. What a week! When I find myself getting anxious and worried; it takes just one or two intentional deep breaths to return to the present. What a week! When the newsreel starts unspooling in my mind, … Read

Forest Bathing

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June in the garden

Ever since my granddaughter was born, she’s loved the out-of-doors. When nothing else would calm her, walking out in the yard would stop the fussing. Her mom and I developed “stroller naps” when no amount of rocking or crying it out would produce the needed down time. Even when winter came, standing with her at a window where she could … Read

Resources for a Mindful Classroom

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Breathing Buddies

We know student stress is on the rise, and we know what to do about it. Research is showing that even a few brief mindful moments a day can help relieve some of the pressure that kids AND ADULTS are feeling. Moving our bodies is also key to sharpening our minds. Check out this video of kids playing Walk! Stop! … Read

Brain Breaks

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Kids moving

We know movement is good for kids.  We also know kids aren’t moving as much as is recommended – only 21.6% of students meet the daily goal of 60-minutes of moderate to vigorous movement.  Not only is movement good for physical health, but it’s good for mental health as well as focus and executive function.  Brain Breaks – short movement … Read

Chalk Art

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What do the Northern Lights, mountain landscapes, STEM, and chalk art all have in common? They all showed up at our activity at the Walnut Hills STEAM Festival in Waukee last week! Not just Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, but we celebrated Art, too, at this festival. We took over the art room and had full tables of artists of all ages … Read

Bright Spots

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Confession – I really like to have a plan, and having extra time at the end of a class can send me into a tail spin. But luckily, things work out even when the plan needs some add-ons. I’m volunteering with a group of energetic third and fourth graders, and end up with about 7 minutes extra after we finish … Read

Teacher Perspectives|Settle Down

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Kids at Recess

Taylor Johnson noticed a challenging time for her fourth grade students was after lunch and recess.  Students were coming in from the playground still in conversations, and she struggled to help them focus on learning again. “Breathing exercises get them back on track,” she says. She decided to try teaching her students controlled breathing techniques and now uses a breathing … Read

Teacher Perspectives|Take a Break

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Mychele adores her job and especially the joy on her students’ faces when they learn something new. She is an experienced kindergarten and reading lab teacher. She’s seen it all. And even with years of experience behind her it’s still hard, “I have 25 kiddos. I just feel like, as a teacher, I have to help all of them – … Read

Glitter Jar

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Glitter is not my favorite.  I try to keep it out of our home, but it’s getting more difficult. Not only do my kids bring it home on art projects, but I didn’t realize how glittery it would be to have a daughter! Glitter on shoes, shirts, pants, backpacks, notebooks, and toys. Glitter that finds its way into every corner … Read

New Year Priority

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In a Drawer

Time and again I’ve started a New Year’s Resolution and by the end of January my enthusiasm to keep the resolution has all but fizzled out. Maybe some of you have experienced this tiresome cycle. This year I’m trying to combat the cycle by hitching my resolution to my yoga practice. Since I do yoga as often as I can, … Read